How to Use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Soozal

How to Use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Soozal

August 02, 2021

Garages, auto shops, and car wash centers; these are three common places where detailers carry out intensive cleaning of vehicles when they aren’t working on site. Another thing they have in common is that, along with the car exterior, workshop spaces are prone to grease, grime, and dirt which, when combined, really cling to the surface and make it hard to clean off. 

As far as vehicles are concerned, they often get covered in mud, tar, bugs, bird faeces, oil, dust, and other common outdoor pollutants which result in one very dirty car exterior! This, in turn, creates quite a challenge for detailers to clean up safely and effectively. Fortunately, that’s about to change for many car detailers who get their hands on the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Soozal.

Much like the All Interior Cleaner, this product is aimed at achieving superior cleaning results regardless of what surface it is used on. From filthy car exteriors and grease-ridden floors to wooden furniture and bathroom surfaces; Soozal’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner stays true to its name! 

Here are a few other surfaces that the product can be used on to safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, and stains:

  • Paintwork
  • Door jams
  • Engine bays
  • Metal (chrome, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc)
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic 
  • Concrete
  • Tautliners
  • Bilges

While customers continue to purchase the Multi-Purpose Cleaner for do-it-yourself car cleaning and indoor/outdoor cleaning projects, many detailers who are first-time users of the degreaser are becoming more appreciative of the speedy, exceptional cleaning results it offers. In fact, this is one of the very few all-purpose car cleaning products that will remove up to 90% of exterior dirt with just the pre-wash alone!

Save Time & Money With the Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Not all vehicles require intensive pre-washing when brought in for detailing; some just need a regular clean for upkeep and maintenance purposes. On the other hand, for the vehicles that are driven down mud roads, bug-infested back roads and/or over hot tar, the exteriors call for a careful pre-rinse or wash so as to minimise the chances of damage caused to the paintwork and other elements of the vehicle during the different stages of detailing. If loose and/or stuck-on debris is left on the surface, manual scrubbing of the exterior will result in scratching, swirling, and other types of damage. This is why it is important for detailers (and their business) to have a superior car pre-wash product in their vehicle care kit. 

With the Multi-Purpose Cleaner, detailers can benefit from the product in more ways than one thanks to its incredibly high performance, and high concentration. 

Benefits of Using the Multi-Purpose Cleaner for a Pre-Wash 

Unlike other car pre-wash solutions, Soozal’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner does most of the work for you regardless of how filthy the surface is. In other words, it’s the best car pre-wash cleaner because there is nothing it won’t clean off from the exterior of a vehicle. On top of that, it works quickly to break down buildup in the form of grease, mud, bug splatters, tar, and more. Therefore, by cutting down on the amount of time required to clean a single car using the Multi-Purpose Cleaner, detailers can maximise business and increase daily profits. 

As part of a 2-bucket method to detail the exterior of a vehicle, a pre-wash with the degreaser will remove stubborn soil, tar, and debris from the surface without any effort put forth by the detailer other than the application of the product. This makes the latter part of the detailing process, which involves a manual scrub and rinse, that much easier and quicker! 

How Detailers Can Save Money With the Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Overhead expenses can amount to a lot in the detailing business; so, when the opportunity to cut costs without compromising on quality presents itself, detailers are quick to jump on it! This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why the Soozal Multi-Purpose Cleaner is becoming more and more popular in the car cleaning industry.

Due to its high concentration, users can pour out a minimal amount of the product, water it down, and still achieve superior cleaning results with this solution. This means you are paying for a competitively-priced, multi-purpose car cleaner that won’t run out nearly as quickly as similar products of the same quantity do. 

The value for money that Soozal’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner offers is truly evident when you start using the product, and understanding just how little you need to transport and dilute on site when detailing a single car. 

How to Dilute the Multi-Purpose Cleaner

For best results when using the Soozal Multi-Purpose Cleaner, it’s important to stick to the dilution rates below:

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Multi-Purpose Cleaner to 4 parts water.
  • Medium Duty Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Degreaser to 10 parts water.
  • Light Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Degreaser to 20 parts water.

Steps to Use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Detailers who are familiar with the product will all agree that one of the major perks that come with the Multi-Purpose Cleaner is how easy it is to use. It really is as simple as applying the product to the surface, and allowing it to sit and do the cleaning for you before rinsing it off.

With that said, here are the steps to follow when detailing or pre-washing exteriors with the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Soozal:

Step 1: Mix With Water

Do a thorough assessment of the exterior to determine the level of detailing required. Depending on the type of debris and level of grease present on the surface, refer to the dilution rate chart, and combine the product with water (as needed) in a commercial auto detailing spray bottle.

Step 2: Rinse the Exterior

Before applying the product to the surface, rinse off the exterior to remove loose debris. This will help you achieve a more thorough pre-wash while also minimising the chances of swirls and scratches on the paintwork. 

Step 3: Apply the Product

Now that the surface has been rinsed and is wet, spray on the Multi-Purpose Cleaner generously. The key here is to allow the degreaser to actively loosen stuck-on tar, bugs, and other debris while it is still wet. The longer the product stays wet on the exterior, the more effective it will be.

Step 4: Rinse Off

To complete the pre-wash, simply rinse off the Multi-Purpose Cleaner to reveal a tar-free and bug-free exterior! Other debris and stubborn grease will also be removed thanks to this water-based, all-purpose cleaning solution.

If you are looking to simplify intensive car detailing with a super fast, highly effective pre-wash, the Soozal Multi-Purpose Cleaner is guaranteed to meet your requirements! Along with multiple perks including complete value for money, you will be investing in the best car pre-wash solution that is helping detailers achieve superior results and earn more profits like never before!

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