Heavy Duty Degreaser


Heavy Duty Degreaser is a fast-acting, water-soluble degreaser. It helps break the bond between contaminant and surface which can then be washed away with water. Perfect for workshop floors, machinery and engines that need deep cleaning.

Heavy Duty Degreaser is ideal for detailers to use on all types of wheels.

The highly concentrated product means you

  • Transport smaller containers to site,
  • You can dilute as required,
  • It's better value for money!
  • Heavy duty cleaning including wheels: Dilute 1 part Degreaser to 1 part water.
  • Medium duty cleaning: Dilute 1 part Degreaser to 4 parts water.
  • Light cleaning: Dilute 1 part Degreaser to 10 parts water.
  • For best results, let the Degreaser dwell on the surface for as long as possible without drying.

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