Q: What Products are currently in stock?

A: Semco is currently in stock and a few other brands are on their way. If you can buy it on the website, we can ship it straight away!

Q: When will the Soozal products be in stock?

A: Soon, very soon. So far the testing has been excellent but good things take time. We want the wash and wax and wheel cleaner to be perfect before we release it to the market. 

Q: Do you have a physical shop?

A: No, we are online only which is how we keep the prices down for you. 

Q: Can I pick up?

A: Unfortunately we only offer courier delivery for our products.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Our courier companies are very good and usually delivery before the dates listed below.

Within Sydney it's next day,

NSW, Brisbane, Goldcoast and Melbourne is 2-3 days

Everywhere else is up to 5 days. 

Q: How are they packaged for shipping?

A: That depends on what you buy and how much you buy.

Tins of Semco  are packaged in an appropriate sized box with some padding inside to keep it secure. 

Bottles of Soozal may come in a box or a courier satchel with some padding.

Q: What happens if I don't like the product?

A: Semco needs to be returned unopened and as new. All other products can be returned for a full refund if there is at least 90% remaining. 

Q: Do you have samples? 

A: Sorry, no.  But see the question above regarding returns?

Q: Where do I get the Safety Data Sheet for your product?

A: Hit this link