How to Apply Semco Teak Sealer

Please refer to the cleaning instructions here prior to using the sealer. 

Before applying Semco Teak Sealer ensure the wood is completely dry.


1. Shake the can or stir the contents to thoroughly mix the Semco ingredients. This should be repeated every 10minutes. 

2. Apply the SEMCO to the teak using a foam brush applicator, very small sponge, clean rag or a polish applicator. Allow the wood to absorb as much as it wants. The first coat may absorb much more the any subsequent coats. Do not be concerned with brush strokes or lap marks.

3. Use a rag to wipe any excess from the wood after each coat.

4. When the first coat is complete, a second coat can be applied immediately. Apply both coats in the same day.

Two coats as an initial application should be sufficient in most cases. The teak will be dry to the touch in an hour and ready for service the next day. 
When SEMCO Teak Sealer is applied to the teak and it has had a week or two to weather, the wood will appear as if it has "nothing" on it, yet the teak will not turn gray or allow the growth of mildew.

After cleaning and sealing with SEMCO the first time, an occasional cleaning with soap and water and a single fresh coat of Sealer applied seasonally will keep the teak looking great for years to come.

If water dashed on the surface beads up, then the SEMCO is still working and does not need re-coating. If it does not bead up then you may need to apply a maintenance coat. 

A harsh environment or higher usage may shorten the intervals of maintenance required.