How to Restore Teak Furniture with SEMCO Teak Care Products

Even the dullest and shabbiest of teak wood is not a lost cause. Although it usually takes years for this process to kick in, greying and discolouration are inevitable where teak wood furniture is concerned. Nevertheless, with the right teak care products and method of application, you can fully restore your teak wood furniture’s lost colour and shine!

To achieve those stunning results, we trust none other than SEMCO, a globally-recognised and successful brand in the industry. Not only are they leading producers in teak care and maintenance products, their cleaners and sealer are incredibly simple to use. 

Here’s how you can restore any piece of shabby teak furniture using SEMCO teak care products.

Step 1: Clean the Wood

Wooden furniture is prone to dust, moisture and, in unfavourable temperatures, even mildew/mould. Unless your teak wood is safeguarded with a reliable sealer, the damage caused by these elements can be permanent. On the other hand, dirty teak wood that has not been re-sealed on time will leave the timber looking rather drab and worn, implying that a thorough cleaning is long overdue. 

How to clean teak wood with SEMCO 2-part Teak Cleaner:

  1. Remove dust and debris from the surface using a rag. Although Part 1 of the SEMCO Cleaning Kit is intended to remove dirt and grime from teak wood, it helps to wipe over the furniture with a dust cloth so that your cleaning tool does not get covered in dirt too quickly when applying the cleaner.
  2. Rinse off the furniture piece so that the wood is fully wet. Apply a small amount of Part 1 (red bottle) over one section of the wood and clean with a soft brush or non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Overlap each section as you go about cleaning the entire piece. 
  3. Using a hose, rinse off the cleaner until the water begins to run clear.
  4. In the same manner, apply Part 2 (green bottle) to your teak wood, and clean. The solution is intended to remove varnish, oils, and stubborn stains, thereby brightening up your teak wood and restoring it to its original, unfinished colour. Rinse off the solution thoroughly before leaving the wood to air dry. 

Step 2: Apply SEMCO Teak Sealer

If you want to protect your teak wood furniture from moisture, mould, dirt, stains, and other factors that either damage the timber or ruin its lustrous appearance, you must seal the wood. Of course, the use of a high-quality sealer is imperative to protect your teak wood for years to come, and that’s exactly what the tried and tested SEMCO Teak Sealer offers.

How to seal teak wood with SEMCO Teak Sealer:

  1. Before every use, be sure to mix the contents by shaking the can or stirring vigorously. Use a sponge, clean cloth, or foam brush to apply the sealer to a completely dry, teak wood surface. Keep a spare clean cloth at hand to dab off any excess product from the surface.
  2. After you have finished the first application, apply a second coat immediately. In about an hour or so, the wood should be dry, however, it is advisable to let it air out for 24 hours before use.

This simple 2-step process is guaranteed to make your shabby teak wood look new again, and you have SEMCO teak care products to thank for that!