Semco FAQ

How much Semco will I need?

1 Litre of Semco Teak Sealer will provide 2 coats over 5 square metres.
4 Litres of Semco Sealer will provide 2 coats over 20 square metres.

The 2 Litre Semco Teak Cleaner will clean 5 square metres. It is comprised of 1 litre of Part A and 1 litre of Part B.
The 8 Litre Semco Teak Cleaner will clean 20 square metres of teak.

How long does Semco Sealer last?

It depends on the environment. In a fully exposed marine environment you may want to apply a light maintenance coat every three to six months to keep it looking fresh. Just give it a clean down with fresh water and a drop of detergent (just a drop) and once its dry apply a single coat. 

If you apply Semco to furniture that is undercover then it may even last years!

Do you need to use the Semco 2 Part Cleaner after sanding?

Short answer is no. The Semco 2 part cleaner is designed so that you don't need to sand and remove layers of teak over time but if the teak is very heavily grained and you do sand just remember to give it two weeks before using the Semco Teak Sealer. 

Does Semco affect caulking?

No - Semco will not affect any proper grade marine chalking. We recommend you try a test area first just in case the caulking on the vessel is of inferior quality as this can lead to the cheaper caulking being left sticky.
What makes Semco different?
Semco Sealers allows the teak wood to breathe. Wood expands and contracts naturally throughout all weather conditions, by using Semco it enables the wood to act as it does, Semco does not block or obstruct the surface of the wood because it soaks into the wood and protects from within, avoiding the cracking and splitting that some other products can cause.

When was Semco established?

Semco was first established in 1976. It was and continues to be used by thousands of professional boat builders. 

How long does unused Semco last?

Store Semco just like you would any other tin of paint – with the lid on tight and left in a cool, dry place.     

Can Semco be used on other woods apart from teak?

Yes Semco can be used on any hard wood. Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Ash and Merbau are just a few that we know customers have had success with.

Do you have any tips on applying Semco Sealer?

Make sure the wood is dry prior to sealing.

Use a lint free cloth or foam brush to avoid flicks and splashes.  

When using Semco Sealer for the first time apply two coats - your first coat will be absorbed into the wood and almost disappear, it's the second coat that will give you the colour you've chosen. On future applications you can choose to do one or two coat top-ups for maintenance.