Teak Wood Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Teak Clean and Damage-Free

Apart from its striking beauty and durability, teak wood is a favourable option among many because it is low-maintenance. Impervious to virtually all kinds of weather conditions, the only real concern is cleaning teak wood to maintain a stain-free appearance, and applying a sealant to keep up its resistance to rotting, termites, discolouration, mildew, and other potential damage.

Though the upkeep of teak wood requires minimal work, the use of high-quality products is imperative for safe and effective results. This is where SEMCO teak care products come in.

Clean Naturally with SEMCO Teak Cleaner

The 2-part SEMCO Teak Cleaner is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to remove dirt from teak furniture and flooring. The product is also highly recommended for cleaning up mildew and mould from teak surfaces using a very simple step-by-step process. All you need is a sponge, water, and the SEMCO Teak Cleaner which comes in the form of two separate bottles – red part 1 and green part 2.

Although you may be tempted to scrub harshly or feel the need to pressure wash teak wood that has accumulated a layer of dirt over time, stay clear of these damaging methods. The beauty of using SEMCO Teak Cleaner is that it works almost instantly to remove dirt and mildew with a quick swipe or light scrubbing.

Protect with SEMCO Teak Sealer

Along with cleaning, maintaining the overall quality of teak MUST include sealing the wood to protect it from potential damage in years to come. This is especially of concern when dealing with teak outdoor furniture that is left to the elements day in and day out. Unfortunately, many assume that this type of wood does not require a teak sealer because it produces a high volume of natural oil, making it impervious to sun, rain, and snow. This, however, is a misconception because a quality product like SEMCO Teak Sealer will literally seal up areas of the teak that may have developed unnoticeable cracks over time. 

Without applying a teak sealer for added protection, you run the risks of water damage, rotting, discoloration, and more unfortunate consequences. For these reasons, the SEMCO Teak Sealer was created to provide all-round protection against weathering, insect infestations, and permanent stains. Experts in teak care highly recommend using SEMCO Teak Sealer as a follow-up maintenance measure to thorough cleaning with the SEMCO Teak Cleaner.

Why Teak Oil is Not a Favoured Teak Care Tip

Teak oil is often used as a ‘quick-fix’ to restore the wood to its original sheen. The problem with this is that teak oil does nothing more than that! In terms of protecting the timber or enhancing its resistance to water and cracking from harsh sunlight, teak oil fails the wood.

What’s worse, teak wood will require oiling every few months which, over time, slows down the timber’s natural secretion of oil. This is the last thing you want as your teak wood will then rely on frequent, manual oiling. More importantly, the lack of a quality teak sealer will significantly reduce the longevity and durability of the wood. 

In conclusion, anyone looking to maintain the quality and appearance of their teak wood should definitely consider stocking their cleaning cabinet with SEMCO’s line of teak care products. 

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