Purple - Vehicle Wash Shampoo - 2 Litre

Soozal's Purple is a premium vehicle wash shampoo designed to gently remove dirt and grime while leaving a high gloss finish. The dynamic polymer formula helps protect against UV, bead water away and assists with an easier clean the next time you come to do the job. 

What is a Dynamic Polymer?

Dynamic Polymers are our secret sauce! It is a non-permanent coating that helps create that epic looking shine. It keeps the water sheeting off when it rains and prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the paint in the heat. Purple's Dynamic Polymer does not require buffing or any additional application. It leaves no smearing on glass and chrome shines as if you have used a specialist chrome product.

Purple vehicle wash shampoo is suitable for all vehicle colours and vehicles of all ages. Originally, we designed this product to be used on a 1974 Chrysler and a 1971 Alpha Romeo. It took a number of iterations to finally get the formula right and we continually test new variants in different conditions for small improvements. 

FOR BOATS AND YACHTS: Gel Coat really pops after using Purple Wash Shampoo. You may have seen photos of the Soozal Racing Team's blue hull glistening. Suitable to be used on all exterior surfaces of a boat or yacht including around ropes, winches and carbon accessories. Its fine to splash it over your teak decking but we could recommend a better product for that special case. 

We GUARANTEE that this is the best Shampoo you will ever use!

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