Semco Cleartone

  • Creates water resistant layer
  • Restores and promotes teak's rich colour.
  • No oily finish
  • Easy to use

Cleartone Teak Sealer contains no added pigment. It is best used on new teak that has not started to grey. 

For best results you should still use the Semco 2 Part Cleaning Kit to remove any dust, dirt and grime that may have been picked up during production and transportation. 

Important to note that because it does not have the added pigment it is not as weather resistant than the other shades, especially in high UV environments. 

1 Litre Semco Teak Sealer covers approximately 5 square metres or a 1.2m table with 6 chairs. 

4 Litre Semco Teak Sealer covers approximately 20 square metres. 

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