Semco Honey Teak Sealer

  • Creates water resistant layer
  • Restores and promotes teak's rich colour.
  • No oily finish
  • Easy to use

Semco Honeytone Teak Sealer is the most popular colour for furniture as it closely resembles newly cut teak. Honey is a slightly richer colour than the Natural. 

All teak furniture can benefit from this Teak Sealer as it not only protects from the elements but also food and drink stains can simply wash off. 

1 Litre Semco Teak Sealer covers approximately 5 square metres or a 1.2m table with 6 chairs. 

4 Litre Semco Teak Sealer covers approximately 20 square metres. 

Semco Teak Products

Enjoy Superior Colour Protection with Semco Teak Products

Keep your teak furniture in perfect condition with Semco teak products. Around the world, teak has been in widespread use as construction material for furniture, hardwood flooring, boats, and much more for hundreds of years. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very hard-wearing and, let’s not forget, valuable. Keeping teak products in good condition ensures that they remain beautiful and sturdy for many years to come.

Widely hailed as one of the best teak cleaning and protection products, the Semco two-part teak cleaner helps strip away dirt, grime and accumulated excess oils, which many people mistakenly apply to protect teak. In addition, it restores this beautiful wood to its original colour. We stock the full range of Semco products for effective teak cleaning and sealing.

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