Semco Clear Coat Gloss

Semco Clear Coat Gloss often has the analogy that it is a bit like sunscreen. It provides an additional layer of protection.

When to use Clear Coat Gloss: is perfect for teak table tops you want to protect from food and drink spills. We highly recommend it in Australia as the additional UV protection keeps your teak looking better for longer. 
Although we call it a "Gloss", its more of a satin finish. It's not a varnish, it soaks into the teak to give you that real timber feel. 
  • Creates water resistant layer
  • Restores and promotes teak's rich colour.
  • No oily finish
  • Easy to use

Semco Clear Coat applies in exactly the same way as the regular teak sealer. Every single customer that uses the Clear Coat Gloss swears by its effectiveness. 

One thing to note: You can't apply the Sealer over the top of the Clear Coat, but you can apply Clear Coat over the top of Sealer (and we recommend you do!). 


1 Litre Semco Teak Sealer covers approximately 5 square metres or a 1.2m table with 6 chairs. 

4 Litre Semco Teak Sealer covers approximately 20 square metres. 

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