Quality Over Quantity

July 25, 2021

Have you ever counted the number of products you have in your storage cupboard to clean your car or boat?

One product for this situation, another for when it rains, and a third for that very rare occasion you are yet to experience but the bloke at the store insisted you buy it. 

At Soozal we don't believe in have many products. Truth is, if you only purchase very high quality products you only need a couple. It is super easy to understand when to use each product too. 

Exterior cleaner - Wash and Wax- for the exterior of cars and gelcoat on boats. High in surfactants to clean well and high in wax to leave it protected and glossy. 

Interior Cleaner - For anywhere inside. Leather, vinyl, upholstery, plastic, rubber. 

Multi Purpose Cleaner - Very effective cleaner but won't leave a gloss. Engine bays, wheel arches, door jams, places where it really black grime and grease builds up. 

Wheel cleaner - Cleans wheels

Tyre shine - shines wheels. 

Glass Cleaner - Make sure its Ammonia Free to make sure it doesn't harm your tints. 

That's it. Six items only to make your car or boat really pop! They should be easy to use so you use them more often. They should smell great so you're reminded of the effort you put in. 

Keep your pride and joy in show room condition year in, year out with minimal effort.